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Brigantine, NJ

Architect / Builder

Chaser Gaffney

Situated on the barrier island of Brigantine, NJ, this contemporary bayfront home is uniquely positioned on a trapezoidal lot at the end of a canal on St. George's Thoroughfare. Inspired by the surrounding boating culture, the architecture of this residence gracefully complements its waterfront setting.

The main entrance, distinctively askew, is sheltered beneath a wave-like barrel roof. Upon entering, the home immediately opens up to reveal the main living spaces that leads to a pool area and expansive views of the water beyond. The second floor houses both the primary and guest suites, while the top floor features a flexible space, built into the roofline, with a lookout deck.

Embodying a nautical theme, the house is designed with traditional steep A-frame gables and shed dormers, constructed from durable, low-maintenance materials suitable for the coastal environment. The color palette of navy blue, dark wood, and white evokes a maritime essence. Notably, the architectural design culminates in the "bow" of the house, which tapers towards the western point of the lot, dynamically pointing toward the nearby inlet and the Atlantic Ocean, enhancing the nautical appeal and sense of movement.


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