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Chaser Gaffney is a registered Architect and Home Builder in New Jersey.

Registered Architect NJ License #: 21AI019556200

Registered Home Builder NJ License #: 050448


Founded in 2015, Chaser Gaffney Architecture + Construction is an Architect-led Design-Build firm based in Brigantine, New Jersey, that specializes in custom residential projects with a focus on coastal design.


Chaser was born and raised in the quiet, coastal community of Brigantine, New Jersey. He graduated with honors from Atlantic City High School, then went on to receive his BA from the University of Miami School of Architecture in 2006. Upon graduation, Chaser moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he learned to build high quality custom homes under the mentorship of Architect/Builder Robert T. Ritter.


Chaser eventually moved back east to work for SOSH Architects, a high-end gaming and hospitality architecture firm in Atlantic City. This fast paced environment was a crash course in managing all aspects of architecture, from initial concepts through final construction. In his five years at the firm, Chaser managed the projects for several multi-million dollar nightclubs, restaurants and casinos. His passion, however, was in residential architecture, so in 2015 he opened up his own practice.



At Chaser Gaffney Architecture + Construction, we view each project as a unique opportunity to leave a positive impact on the lives of everyone who experiences it. Having grown up on the Jersey Coast, we’re rooted in the barrier island lifestyle - fishing, surfing and sailing - and we aim to convey that culture in our architecture. We’re deeply inspired by our natural surroundings and strive to form a connection to the environment with all of the buildings we design and build.


The New Jersey coast has a very diverse climate. Your home should be able to take full advantage of our serene, paradisiacal summers, while also being able to withstand the harsh, wind-battered winters. It should be beautiful, yet low maintenance.


Building a home at the shore can be a challenging process, but we enjoy working through the complexities and nuances to meet each of our clients’ unique program requirements. Our custom Design-Build system allows us to be efficient in our process and produce high quality projects that capture your extraordinary vision.


We welcome the opportunity to work with you and look forward to designing and building the home you’ve always wanted to live in!


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