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Chaser Gaffney Architecture + Construction is the first step towards your goal of building a custom beach home!


Planning your Dream Home

We start each project by having our clients fill out a thorough questionnaire which is used to evaluate the program, needs and desires for the project. From there, we’ll deliver a customized architectural proposal outlining the work to be performed. Upon receipt of the signed agreement and deposit, we’ll begin the process.


Site Analysis / Schematic Phase  

Each project begins with an analysis of the lot features, including but not limited to the views, sun angles, site access, privacy concerns and base flood elevation requirements. Even in the same neighborhood, on the same street, every property is unique, so we utilize drone photography in order to pinpoint exact views from a particular floor height.


We also perform a zoning analysis to determine the allowable setbacks, lot coverage, building height, and other bulk requirements for the particular zone in whichever town your home will be located in. Then, we develop a loose schematic layout of each space and adjacencies with respect to your specific program and zoning analysis.


Concurrently, we develop rough 3D perspective views that begin to portray your desired style, of course with our own creative input as well. At this point, the schematic plans are very fluid and we can easily make changes based on your feedback. We provide an approximate construction estimate to verify we're on track to meet your budget requirements. Once the design is agreed upon, we move onto the next phase.


Design Development Phase

Now, the plans are further developed in more detail. Floor plans, elevations, exterior elevations, building sections and 3D exterior & interior renderings are provided. We also begin to coordinate the structural layout with building elements, as well as the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems.


Our unique process utilizes state of the art 3D software, which our clients find extremely beneficial in the design phase. The entire house is digitally modeled in 3D and includes interior elements, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture layout, built-ins and finishes, in addition to the exterior elements, such as siding, roofing, windows, doors, railings, and decking. This revolutionary technology allows you to see the home in its entirety, from the inside out, and comes standard as part of our architectural agreement!


We find this process to be most beneficial to both our clients and to our work-flow. Updated construction estimates are then provided based on the design. Changes in this phase should be fairly minor as we narrow the focus of design to the more detailed aspects of the project. Once the design is agreed upon, we move onto the next phase.


Construction Documents

In this phase, we prepare the final drawings for permitting with the city and receive more accurate prices for construction. We finalize the structural layout, coordinate the systems of the house within that framework, finalize the floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, elevations, sections, interior elevations, door & window schedule, construction details, and utility diagrams. We provide final pricing at this point, and any changes made by the client during this phase will charged at an hourly rate.



Upon entering into contract for construction, and while permits are under review, we secure our sub-contractors with the goal of starting construction as soon as possible. The construction draw schedule is based on construction milestones or percentage of construction completed. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible, and we work closely with our clients until the house is complete and beyond.  


When the house is substantially complete, we will walk our clients through the home and go over all the systems of the house so they are comfortable with how everything operates. If anything needs fine tuning, adjusting, or fixing we will do it at this time.  After final inspections, final surveys are complete, a home warranty is issued, we obtain the Certificate of Occupancy, and finally turn the property over to you, and receive final payment.


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